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CarriacouToday on YouTube

We're off to a strong start with the CarriacouToday channel. Here's a sample of what you can expect from this digital storytelling project.

Production note: Carriacou is not a place that needs a lot of bells and whistles to tell a good story. If you listen carefully to Mr. Sunnel, you can learn three things about Carriacouan culture centuries ago when he was a young man.

  • community responsibility and good will
  • the matrimony process
  • the best boat to ever race in the Carriacou Regatta

About the CarriacouToday Project

TALONS sees Carriacou from the perspective of an outsider: through its people, places and things. Sight unseen, there is little or no incentive to attract tourists. Instead of waiting for someone else to see it our way, we decided to jump in the water and do it ourselves. The water's fine...join us!

Our Strategy

start introducing the people, places and things of Carriacou. Harvest the interest of tourists who want to experience Pure Carriacou.

The more interest generated in Carriacou, the more tourism can be monetized for the island hotels, transportation drivers, restaurants, marine and other merchant services.

What makes this sustainable?

The stories of Carriacou are legion in number. Content does not have to be manufactured; it already exists. Authentic people, places and things are characteristic of Carriacou. 

In this age of studio quality mobile devices, the true costs of delivery are time and effort...while the return on investment is thousand-fold for tourism stakeholders on Carriacou.

We are hopeful this mustard seed will ultimately inspire the storytelling of Carriacou through respectful curiosity, cultural pride and enthusiastic participation. For now, we have our work cut out for us and we're enjoying every minute of it!

TALONS Brochure

TALONS printable brochure (pdf)

image14 on YouTube

TALONS has launched its digital storyteller about the life and times of people, places and things that call Carriacou home. Content includes sports, marine, culture, music and more. The channel is a companion to the Facebook page.

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